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Redvan Express Movers

Making moving easier than ever!

Why Redvan Express Movers?

Redvan Express Movers is one of the fastest movers and packers companies here in Doha. We have proven track records that we are the ultimate choice in terms of domestic relocation. We offer quality service to our customers using innovative packing materials, and highly trained staff who has knowledge in packing, moving, dismantling, fixing furniture, and carpentry. Through the years, our team relocated successfully our customer’s household items to their new location and they are genuinely satisfied with our services.

What do we offer?

Relocating is a stressful task that requires a lot of energy. You have to lift and carry all your belongings to your new house or office space. Besides, you should pay attention to the details of your items to ensure there will be no damage, scratches, or dents in any part of your furniture or electronic appliances. To make things easy, we offer our services to our customers for them to enjoy peace of mind whenever they wish to move.

Our services

a. Packing Services 
b. Local Moving Services
c. International Moving Services
d. Trucking Services
e. Storage Services

Packing Services

When it comes to moving, packing, and wrapping typically is the most crucial task. In fact, many of our customers begin packing months ahead of time knowing the time spent wrapping and boxing up items really adds up. 

A lot of our customer shares their experiences with us when they tried to wrap/pack their items without Hiring a Professional Mover. So, if you are moving, hiring Redvan Express Movers company could save you a lot of time since the movers can help with the time-consuming task of packing.

With Redvan Express, you have the option of doing some, or all the packing yourself. During the estimating process, you can choose between:

Full packing service (Redvan team packs everything for you),
Partial packing service (Redvan team handles items you wish not to pack yourself)

We strongly recommended that you choose at least a partial packing service, so a professionally trained Redvan team can expertly handle your fragile and high-value items.

Local Moving

If you’re moving your home, think Redvan Express Movers Company which is dependable, and resourceful, and you need household movers you can trust. 

From the very start of your moving experience – getting an accurate moving estimate – all the way through the end up to the last piece of furniture is moved into your new home.

Our Local Moving Services Include:

a. 6-wheeler Truck
b. Packing & Loading Redvan Team
c. Packing Materials  
d. Insurance (Optional)
e. Personal Relocation Coordinator

International Moving

Redvan Express Movers can get you relocated with your family to any part of the world. 

We can provide a pre-move plan to promulgate details on our customer concerns like cost, estimated time for transit, packing materials, handling vigorous techniques of packing their items, and a list of other services that can be availed for their international moving needs. 

Trucking Services

Redvan express Movers can offer transport of goods, household items, or office materials from Point A to Point B. Deciding which vehicle is right for you can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Our number one function is matching the best trucking service with the commercial or residential shipper. 

Storage Services

Need a safe place to store your household items for short or long periods of time, while renovating your new home or workplace? Redvan Express can take care of all your items in our storage or warehouse for you to have peace of mind.

We can provide you with our well-maintained storage spaces that could keep equipment, furniture, fabrics, and more. We maintain clear inventories, provide easy access, allocate separate wood pallets, and render maintenance services for your valuable items.

Making moving easier than ever.
Start today by calling our hotlines.

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